Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 19.5 Winding Paths and Winding Hearts

Warning, this turns very NSFW and kinky after they are done talking

Trying to get away from Arthur’s teasing and to soothe his bruised teenage-male ego Michael wanders into the gardens

Noticing the bat swarm hovering over the maze he wonders why Darcy is out alone and goes to find her

She is lying on the grass, wistfully looking up at the moon, clearly lost in thought, her emotions still whirling within her

Immediately forgetting about his own issues he joins her to comfort her

She seems a bit shy but given that she never can resist Michael’s honest interest she starts musing about what would have happened if her father had decided she was a boy, and what if he only decided she was a girl because it was easier to keep her locked in a room like that. How does she know that she wasn’t made a girl by living like that? And even worse, how miserable would she be if her father didn’t care so much and she would have had to pretend to be a boy.

While Michael, of course, cannot fully understand her horror at the idea he tries to calm her down, reassure her in her femininity, and that he does not believe her father would have wanted to see her miserable, and most of all, he believes in her and loves her

While she is happy about his support it also makes her feel even worse about the other thing her mind cannot sort out alone

“Michael, did I cheat on you today?” He is honestly confused and has to ask when. “I just got so caught up in the storyline, and when you two were fighting over ME, I just… and I think I put the secret passage into the fort. I WANTED to be kidnapped by the pirates so that you could rescue me. I nearly wanted John to throw me over his shoulder… I’m sorry.”

Michael is stuck between amazement and amusement that she is so agitated over something that he considers no problem whatsoever

He tells her that he simply is not a jealous person, he trusts her, he knows that she loves him. Losing her would break his heart, she immediately interject that he won’t, but he knows that it won’t happen

She starts feeling bad for her being jealous all the time, but he tells her that they all have their flaws, that neither of them is perfect and that’s okay

She blurts out that she does not want to, she doesn’t like to notice others, not like that

He again has to ask to get her to very reluctantly say that she notices John the way she notices him

He tries to tell her that’s just normal, especially for a dhampir like her, her strong desires are part of who she is and he knew that when he decided to marry her

She mumbles that she skipped that part of the book, getting him to quip that she skimmed quite a few parts actually and that they should read it together again

That notwithstanding, she is insistent that she does not want to notice others like that, that it makes her feel like a harlot, prompting him to explain that they cannot change emotions, that he also feels them when he sees an attractive girl, or boy, in town

Darcy suddenly smiles ruefully “You wouldn’t even have cared if I had been a boy, would you?” – “Only if you had been miserable.” – “Well, I couldn’t have married you and that would have made me miserable.” – “Oh, I would have found a way.” Darcy can’t but giggle at that because she knows it is true

She admits that she isn’t sure what to make of John being around, but she does not want to be selfish and send him away for something as silly as that, especially because she asked Lynette to help him and he’ll have to pay for that help, even though she offered to cover anything more that is needed if he cannot pay himself

Michael is overwhelmed by the urge to hug her, touched by the kindness of her heart, knowing that she was aware that payment would mean services and still immediately willing to ask for a near stranger. He also thinks that Lynette might not have helped if Darcy had not asked for John, given that fae are not necessarily friendly

Michael is trying hard to make her more comfortable and slowly does calm her down, with them eventually discussing potential training uses of John’s abilities, and Darcy making a small comment that they could maybe do some story in which Michael gets to be the rogue…

Having calmed down Darcy remembers that he seemed a bit sulky when he came up to her and asks why he was out here

He admits to being uncomfortable with Arthur now having such good ammunition to tease him. He knows that’s just how it is, they tease each other but he still feels bad, especially because right when she for once could not protect herself, he was too small and weak to do it for her

Darcy has no qualms about trying to boost his male self-esteem, and apart from a short sidetrack about them not being human and how wrong it felt to her to suddenly be a useless little girl again, she seems to be getting somewhere

The final straw to making him feel better is when she huddles close to him, telling him that he surely can come up with some things that would make him feel manly again

Reacting immediately to her closeness and offer he starts kissing her only to quickly excuse himself because he has a gift to fetch

Incredulous at him running off right there she has not even time to finish her shocked thought before he returns, a certain oil bottle tugged in his pants and a box in his hands

(NSFW starting here)

She feels suspicious about what this could be but peeks into the box, only to slam it shut immediately, red to the ears and exclaiming: “You didn’t! Where would you even get something like that… no, don’t answer that!”

He grins innocently, reading in her emotions that she is not actually feeling negative about it, just scandalized, which he plays on by saying: “There is more where that came from…”

After a little bit of teasing from him she does admit that likes the gag he got her, unsure though if you say thank you for something like this

Asking her if she wants him to put it on her he can feel the by now familiar pattern of her emotions when she has a thought that she is too embarrassed to say out loud, prompting a grin and urging on from him

Stuttering, blushin furiously, and unable to look him in the eye Darcy mumbles: “Um, instead of just putting it on me now… would… would… you chase me down?” – “Oh, and then put it on?” – “Actually… chase me, push me to the floor, and just…” She can’t bring herself to finish the sentence but she doesn’t have to. “Do you want me or Damien?” – “I have less of a chance against you as Damien…” A naughty grin on his face he turns into Damien and gives her a head start

At first, she cannot hear anything but her own excited giggling as she is running away until he intentionally steps on a stick and the hunt is on

Tantalized by his glowing eyes in the dark stalking her before vanishing again Darcy is turning helplessly around in the dark until he suddenly pounces on her, bringing his full weight down on her, pushing her to the floor against her attempts to throw him off

Forcing kisses on her he slices through her dress and undergarments, going too deep with full intentions of scratching her skin, immediately noticing the shivers running through her as his claws nick her skin

Having ripped her clothes off her he is forced to turn to Michael for a moment to be able to get the gag’s strap closed on her before turning back into her demon-prince and continuing the game

Damian holds the entirely naked Darcy up by her wrists, making her watch as he takes off his trousers with his free hand. There is no way to hide the fact that he is very excited and ready for her. He suddenly drops her to the ground, trusting in her ability to catch herself.

She lands on her feet but pretends to stumble, ending up sitting on the floor, looking up at him with huge eyes, false fear and desire visible

He leaps at her, grabbing her shoulders and breaking the skin in several places. Darcy can feel his breath on her skin as he first nuzzles her before beginning to trace her body with his tongue. Knowing him as well as she does, she sees the concerned little looks he is giving her, trying not to break the illusion.

Not being able to make him listen to her, she reassures him with sneaking in little caresses while pretending to try to push him off.

While feigning to roughly paw her, Damian actually caresses Darcy’s skin, touching her in ways he learned she likes by now and cautiously exploring others. Again and again, his claws draw blood, in intervals he keeps unpredictable as much as possible.

The more he keeps exploring the more he notices that he should not pretend to be rough but to actually only hold back just enough to not seriously hurt her. Every time he breaks her skin her back arches and she cannot keep up the pretense of not wanting this.

As he feels her spurring him on, he does handle her more roughly, still avoiding serious injury though. He finally forces her to her hands and knees and then hesitates for a moment before turning back into Michael. She can feel the cool oil on her as he roughly begins to prepare her for a more intimate side of the game. Using his free hand, he still keeps up the pretense of keeping her in his grasp.

Straining against his grasp while at the same time unable not to turn her body towards his touch, she quivers with anticipation when he forces her to her knees. One glance thrown over her shoulder shows him that she is nearly lost in pleasure. When he changes to Michael her emotions are overpowering, pain and pleasure to closely intermingled that they are impossible to distinguish. Her lust so intense that he can feel it like a force against his body.

He moans quietly as her emotions wash over him and he cannot help smiling happily that he is the cause of the most important person in his world feeling this good. He continues to prepare her carefully, adding more fingers as needed and still letting his free hand roam whenever it is not needed to ‘restrain’ his ‘captive’.

While she pulls away from his restraining hand to force him to grip her harder, he can feel her eagerness in the way she pushes herself against his other hand. Underneath the lust and desire burning through her, he can feel the affection, can feel that all her urges and wants are focused on him.

Michael can feel her love and desire and wonders inwardly what he could possibly have done to deserve either. But he does not share these thoughts, not just because they would break the rules of the game but also because he knows Darcy sees these things differently than he does. She does not understand how utterly and completely amazing she is. And maybe he loves her even more for that.

The look she is giving him speaks of her desire for him, of the trust she has, not despite the harsh play but reinforced through it. The look is begging, pleading not to let her wait, telling him she wants him, needs him.

After assuring himself that his beloved is good and ready, he once more turns into Damien and roughly pushes Darcy on her back before forcing her legs apart. Again, his eyes search hers to be absolutely certain that all is well with her before – assured that it is – he pulls herself towards him with ease and pushes himself all the way inside her. While pretending to be rough, he is still aware that this is new to her and so he is taking it as slow as he can without ruining the illusion.

His searching eyes find nothing but eagerness and need, all pretense at fighting him gone, he can feel her hips straining against him, and when he finally enters her, not even the gag can fully muffle her scream of pleasure.

He has to stifle his own exclamation of lust as he feels her tight body engulf him and he enjoys pushing all the way into her. His clawed hands are on her hips, holding her up so he can now begin thrusting into her at a fast pace. He leans forward and licks her breasts, shoulders, and face while always throwing in the odd love bite.

She has wrapped her legs around him, pushing herself against him in rhythm with his thrusts, while her hands are running over his back, claws sinking deep. When he puts the first love bite on her, one hand immediately rushes up to his head, pressing him closer to her, her whole body pleading for more.

The way she responds to him lets Damien growl in heat as he speeds up the movement of his hips, always making sure to aim for the sweet spot inside Darcy. And while he pretends to have fully given in to his own lust, he is actually moving more careful than she will ever know; if he can help it. He is keenly aware that he can never let go entirely. But he does not experience this as something being taken away from him – the care he takes with every movement is his gift to Darcy and a reaffirmation of their love.

She is utterly lost to his touch by now. Her breathing fast, nearly stopping at times while she is giving in to the sensations and to him, blissfully unaware of the restraint he is putting on himself.

While not forgetting to add little cuts in strategic places, Damien keeps up his pace and watches closely as Darcy is getting increasingly lost in their game. This sight is so utterly endearing and erotic at the same time that he has to keep himself in check as not to reach his climax too early. But the writhing body of his lover right before his eyes makes this anything but easy.

Feeling herself being urged, no, forced, closer and closer to release, Darcy tries to fumble at the gag. Her need to feel even more of him, to take in as much as she can overwhelming. Her fingers clumsy from shuddering in lust and her whole body being violently moved by Damien’s thrusts it takes her several attempts but finally, she manages to open the gag and free herself. He can see her fangs flashing against the moonlight.

Damien reaches underneath Darcy’s back and pulls her up, pricking her skin in the process as he intended. His hands wander down to her backside as he continues burying himself deep inside her, pushing her up as needed. His tongue explores her chest once more, licking off the blood and teasing her breasts, the texture rough on her skin.

He feels her push herself against his claws, her own hands seeking purchase on his shoulders to move against his body, holding herself just far enough away for him to easily reach her body with his tongue, shuddering against the roughness of his touch. Without the gag, he can hear her moans and little growls at his touches. Can see her licking her lips, clear hunger written across her face.

With her now closer to him, he continues the rather frantic pace while still taking care to give Darcy as much pleasure as possible. His own climax is near but he pushes it back – wanting, wishing, needing her to reach her own peak before him.

She can see his wish, can feel his need, and she knows what she can do. With one hand she takes his head and leaning to the side she presents her neck and shoulder. Struggling to get the words out she moans: “Please… hard… make me bleed…”

Not hesitating a moment, he puts his teeth over her shoulder and sinks his fangs into her, slightly concerned at how much he enjoys the taste of her blood.

The moment his teeth sink in deep he can feel her body going rigid against his, her breath catching in her throat, her claws digging harshly into his shoulders. He can feel the violent waves of her orgasm against him; can feel her tighten around him, and just when he knows she will scream he feels her fangs sinking into his neck.

Already pushed to his limit by the woman he loves reaching her own climax, the mixed sensations of pain and pleasure push Damian over the edge and his low growl accompanies a furious climax, during which he holds Darcy lovingly in his arms while enjoying her weight and closeness to him as much as the teeth in his neck.

Her breathing slowing down, the growl that marked her own orgasm fading into a contented sigh, Darcy gently kisses the wound on his neck closed and nuzzles against him. Enjoying the feeling of his warmth against her blood slick skin, and the feeling of being with the person she loves.

Purring gently, Damien pulls her into a close embrace without leaving her. He covers her body with slow gentle licks as he enjoys the afterglow. “You do know that there is little chance Lionel and Lynette missed this, right?”, he cannot resist asking in the end.

The blood on her skin cannot compete with the red that rushes to her face and the look of utter horror as she panicked starts looking around to find where the rags of her dress are.

“You cannot wear that anymore, love.”, he purrs. “And there is nothing to be ashamed of, these two have done worse, I assure you.”

“That’s not the point! I don’t care what they have done, but anybody knowing that… that…” her sentence teeters out into a high pitched sound of embarrassment as she buries her face against his shoulder.

“That we love each other more than anything in the world?”, he asks. “Plus they would not consider what we did in any way strange – I once got curious and asked Lionel what he did to the guys he seduced. Anyway … don’t worry about what they may or may not have seen”, he adds, his arms still wrapped protectively around her.



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