Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 21: He just wants to play ... I think.

(15 XP after)

Michael asks John at the lake if he wants to be ring bearer which John is only too happy to be

John also learns how strong Michael really is because the attempt to tackle him into the water goes about as well as trying to barrel over a tree

Back at the house Michael tries to console Darcy who has decided that pranks are for boys and is sulking about having utterly embarrassed herself

Michael tries to take her mind off it by getting her to practice their reception dance again with him (which reminds her that John needs a dance instructor and it will NOT be Lucy), and other diversions…

At the breakfast table Darcy is still trying to hide a bit from John who at one point leans over and asks her if she is angry with him. Him being adorable only makes it worse of course, and she tells him it’s fine, it’s just a girl embarrassment thing, and he asks concerned if he embarrassed her. Her emotions go haywire (prompting a look from Michael) before she tells him, no, just herself, he didn’t do anything

Robin strolls in, gets welcomed by Darcy and non-chalantly just sits down and starts eating while saying he isn’t really home, just a part of him but couldn’t teleport in because the house seems to not recognize him, and as a split off part he cannot do his normal tricks (to Darcy’s great relief)

She introduces John and her mother, who of course has to comment on liking Robin’s clothing

Robin seems nearly overwhelmed with the complexity of a simple timetable for when he has to be where at the wedding

There is a second knock and this time Michael comes back looking serious, so Darcy and Arthur get up, so does John after being prompted by Darcy

Darcy finds an older villager who introduces himself as Garth from the town of Duke’s Well (population 400 -3)

He gives them the following information: cloud of darkness monster comes out at night, sometimes takes people, sometimes kills them, two weeks, 13 victims (3 dead, 10 disappeared), different ages, scratches but fits into houses

Darcy orders Arthur to the library, Michael helps to carry all the books, and John gets instructed in his newfound title of Steward

Garth starts a bit of a commotion when he sees Damien and lifts a rifle, which Arthur dryly comments on: “Please don’t shoot the knight of the house.”

Sitting in the coach Arthur and Darcy manage to sidetrack themselves into a debate about it technically possibly being a fabled shadow dragon and Arthur gets way too excited at the idea of finding a dragon

With a bit of self restraint the two of them get back to putting other options on the list as well

Michal pops his head into the coach and gives them a bit more info he got from Garth: Disappearances first, 3 dead, death started 4 days after disappearances, dead persons eviscerated but not eaten

Duke’s Well is more a fort than a proper village, which makes Darcy comment: “We have something that basically looks like a castle, Arthur, put the dragon higher on the list again.” Arthur looks way too excited about that

Gwyneth, the woman running the village and wearing pants (scandalizing Darcy, even worse when they come to her home and find her bookish husband, Darius, making tea while his wife is out greeting the noble and while he presents the case he is distraught and has to be comforted by his wife):

Oldest 70, youngest 8, 6 male, 4 female (disappeared), plus 3 dead adults, all over the village, never more than one at a time (always alone in the room while the other people in the house slept through it), guards are falling asleep, scratches seem not like claws but skin protrusions, no sign where the beast gets through the palisade, all the dead are grown-ups, 6 of the disappeared were adolescent (under 15), all disappeared are relatively short, whereas two of the dead are large

Arthur and Michael follow Gwyneth to see the eviscerated bodies, while Darcy gets treated to an engaging talk and tour of Darius’ grain breeding project, she finds herself jealous of the boys

After ten days of preservation in a cold running stream the bodies are not all that lovely to work with but Arthur works through the investigation: person killed with tool, not claws, evisceration seems to be done later, somebody might be hiding their murders because something is making people disappear

Arthur draws a map of the village once they start investigate the attack sights, trying to see any pattern but apart from Michael thinking it looks like a bunny it seems random

The scratches they find seem to be from something dull

The doors aren’t broken and no signs of forced entry, but once inside it scratches the walls in tighter spots, it makes it way upstairs and then seems to leave through the window

Arthur can feel strong magic: Concealment (the dark), mind magic (sleep), movement (flight)

Arthur is hanging out the window (held by Michael) when a 12 year old girl is clearly thinking they are being silly, with Arthur telling her that despite his age he is Lady Westenra’s scholar

They climb up to the roof, followed by the girl, and Arthur finds the same magic mix but older, prompting Michael to suspect it casing the place

When they jump off the roof there is a faint but distinct “Michael!” shout coming from the direction of the grain field, but Michael only gives it a little “oops”

When checking the door again, Arthur notices movement magic and asks Pretty to teleport for comparison, but that smells differently to Arthur’s sense of magic

The girl has followed and is petting Pretty, who is still keeping up the conversation with Arthur, who does remark after Pretty is plopping down on the girl’s lap: “Don’t let your fiancée see that.” “That’s just cuddling, that’s fine…”

Arthur figures out that the movement spell is a lock picking spell

The boys return to Darcy who is starting to wonder if turning to dust under the sun might be preferable to having to listen to any more grain talk, so she is more than happy to be rescued by Michael

When Michael gets a second to kiss Darcy he gets a look that says “I’ll need a lot more of those”, which he grins back with “What? Right now?”, her emotions go in two different directions: scandal and tantalization

Once Darius leaves the room, Michael does give Darcy another kiss which she reprimands him for doing in front of Arthur, and when Michael says he’ll be fine Arthur gives him a warning glance about having black-mail material

The boys bring Darcy up to speed with their investigations and she decides that Gwyneth needs to be filled in on there being a murderer in town

Gwyneth is glad that she is trusted if taken aback when told that if it had been her they would have known by now, but cannot help narrow down the possible suspects

The Vandals decide to take care of the monster first and Darcy sends Arthur and Michael to investigate all roofs to find which roof is the last that was visited, only to find that all roofs show the magic pattern

Darcy wants to fly around with Arthur at night to spot the monster, with Michael in one of the overwatch towers, and surprisingly it is Michael who is reluctant to let her because he is concerned about them getting hurt if they get put under the sleep spell

Darcy puts her foot down, saying she can heal and she’ll make sure to have Arthur land on her

Since they will need to be up later Darcy and Arthur sleep through the rest of the day

In the evening they leave town for Darcy to change unnoticed and right before letting him climb on the bat the two of them agree to not make this awkward

Holding on gently Arthur notices a darker spot in the darkness out of the village and after having picked up Michael they ascend up into the clouds before Darcy dives straight down and successfully grabs the darkness out of the air

The darkness protests: “Don’t eat me!”

Arthur takes over the talking and learns that supposedly the darkness has been rescuing villagers and if they let it go, then it will take them to them

Darcy trusts Arthur’s decision and let’s go to then follow the darkness to a cliff where Michael and Arthur can jump off and Darcy turns first small bat and then wolf

Pretty is sticking his paw in and out of the darkness, playing with it disappearing, clearly slightly annoying the darkness

When Arthur walks up, flanked by the wolf, Pretty jumps on his shoulder, and the darkness disappears to show an about horse sized, beautiful black dragon with deep blue eyes

Arthur can’t quite keep it together to Darcy’s and Michael’s amusement, after all, dragons are awesome!

When the dragon makes a statement about something seeming fishy about the Lady the wolf gives a rather indignant growl, and when the dragon then says that a druid warned him about the local lady hunting dragons Darcy has had it and turns human: “I do not! And when I get my fingers on Robin!”

That was a bit too much for the dragon who comments: “What the fuck?” Only to get fixed by a Darcy glare and told: “Language!”

Pretty loses it at that and falls off Arthur’s shoulder laughing, who himself has trouble not snickering

Seeing how merry the two are, even Darcy struggles not to giggle, but is trying to keep the discussion on the matter at hand

Arthur clarifies that it was actually Rosamund, not Robin, who set them up as the villains

They learn that the murderer is some kind of mind parasite not one of the villagers, so trapping the body alone will not help

Michael asks the dragon if he could bring Arthur back to castle Rossmore to do the necessary research (you’re welcome Arthur for getting you a ride on a dragon), while he and Darcy make sure that there is no further murder

With Lynette’s help Arthur can devise a trap for the parasite by having a spelled shut jack-in-the-box ready

Michael pretends to arrest the villain, Arthur makes the box seem like a perfect person to take over to get away, and Darcy seals the attempt by commanding via mind control that the parasite flee

While Damien brings the missing villagers back, Darcy is trying to sneak some petting on the dragon, who obliges, ending up in Michael finding Darcy cuddling the dragon

The villagers try to throw a celebration for Darcy but Michael deflects that she has important business to attend to and the families of the dead should be allowed to mourn

While Michael is driving the coach back, Arthur is excited about the dragon coming to the castle with them because they now have a castle, a knight, a dragon, and kind of a princess (at which bat-Darcy is flying a pirouette)

Once Arthur is in the coach, Darcy is racing the dragon home



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