Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 21.5: Relationship Talks again

Alternative title: What happens when you leave Torsten and Cara alone in a room for an hour

Michael brings tea to Darcy in her room because he noticed that she felt unhappy with something about him

When he asks her about it, she is genuinely confused and he has to give her several hints before she can pinpoint which emotion he noticed

It turns out that the negativity he felt was Darcy beginning to wonder if she’s just a silly girl with how important the wedding is to her because Michael always keeps calm, so clearly it doesn’t have much of an impact on him

Michael vehemently shakes his head and goes down on a knee while taking her hand to reassure her that he is definitely nervous but wanted to be her rock, and that this is incredibly important for him, too

Giggling and touched Darcy feels a whole lot better now

Despite how romantic it is she asks him to get over to the couch with her, instead of staying on his knee

They snuggle and Michael admits to partially also not wanting Arthur to tease him if he showed his nervousness, to which Darcy counters that they could always get him back when and if he ever marries

Michael chuckles but wants to make sure that she knows how important the wedding really is to him, and when she tries to explain herself that she is so nervous because she’s only going to have one wedding after all, well, unless of course he would at some point divorce her…

He grows very serious and basically reacts as if that isn’t even an option at all, but he also very quietly mentions that he wants her to be happy and not alone. Darcy gets that he is basically hinting that he might die as her knight and puts her foot down on nothing going to happen to her demon-prince and her already having said that she won’t let him go anywhere alone anymore!

She tells him how lucky and happy she is to have him and they end up bickering about who is luckier and who would be more of a scandal. Darcy is pointing out that even her parents basically both said that she is lucky to have somebody who accepts her despite her condition, and Michael (angry at her parents) counters that he is the one with the horrible past

They reassure each other in their usual adorable way

She asks if it went over well to ask John to be ring bearer and is very relieved that he took it well

Michael takes the opportunity to try to make her feel better about him clearly having noticed that she likes John but she diverts the topic only to end up at Michael noticing that she is jealous at the thought of her mother being left alone with John for two weeks during their honey moon, which she utterly and totally denies

She then remembers that Lynette is her bride’s maid and gets flustered again about everybody, including the house, knowing what she is doing with Michael, at least Seward and John don’t and in two days it won’t have to be unofficial any longer

Two more days, AHHHHHH!

Deciding that they both need a diversion Michael is throwing her over his shoulder, to giggling protest and wiggling

When they arrive in their play room Darcy is stopping him though because as much as she would just like to get to the fun, she has noticed something and she finds it too important to talk about their relationship to improve to not mention it

When she confronts him about why it is always Damien, not Michael when she asks for harsher play he confesses that he still struggles, that despite being able to feel her reactions and her enthusiastic exclamations he cannot overcome the fact that he is hurting her

She immediately apologizes and is worried about having seduced him to sin, and that he does not have to do it if he does not want to. After all, she does not want him to just go along with it, she wants him to want it, she cannot stand the thought of forcing him to do anything he is uncomfortable with

He tells her that he will just need to get more used to it, and compares using Damien to using a life jacket when learning to swim

Opening the toy box he gifted her, he suggests to go slow and just give him time

She asks him to please reign her in if she gets pushy because she knows that she has trouble doing it herself, wondering if that is just her or the dhampir condition



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