Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 22: White Wedding

November the 5th

Lucy and Michael prank Arthur by replacing the vows with the ones they wrote, Arthur goes green, puts the paper down, notices them, and the paper goes up in smoke

Darcy at one point walks into Lucy fanning a fainted Seward and Michael stirring a strong tea, she decides it’s best not to ask

At one point Arthur and Darcy are checking through all the paperwork for the fifteenth time, and Darcy notices that even Arthur is nervous, prompting her to get all teary eyed and give him a tight hug sobbing about how amazing of a little brother he is and how much she appreciates all he is doing for her and how much she appreciates him

Michael gets so nervous and obnoxious on the last day because he is not allowed to see Darcy that John and Arthur drag him to the lake to get him to relax

Lucy has to use her vampire powers to get Darcy to sleep the evening before the wedding, only to wake her up at 3 in the morning in order to get her hair and make-up ready

The early start is worth it as even Arthur can notice how stunning she looks when Seward walks her down the aisle and starts being afraid that Michael might forget his vows given how stunned he looks

Robin seems to keep it together as well as he starts the ceremony with recounting watching the unlikely couple fall in love, overcoming both station and appropriateness (Darcy lets it slip)

Seward gasps at the breach of protocol when Robin asks Darcy first if she wants to take Michael to be her lawfully wedded husband, for her to reply with these vows:

Yes, I do.
From this day forward I promise you these things:
I will laugh with you in times of joy and comfort you in times of sorrow.
I will share in your dreams, and support you as you strive to achieve your goals.
I will listen to you with compassion and understanding, and speak to you with encouragement.
I will help you when you need it, and step aside when you do not.
I will remain faithful to you with the moon and sun as my witnesses.
I will walk beside you all the days of my life,
when you are my vigilant demon.
If your path is dark, I will light your way.
If you are threatened by the storm, I will be your shelter.
I will walk beside you all the days of my life,
when you are my caring feline.
I you fall, I will lift you up.
If you lack the strength to go on, I will carry you.
I will walk beside you all the days of my life,
when you are my courageous man, and my husband.

Lucy has to calm down Seward at the word demon, but said demon is deeply touched by her words and answers being asked if he wants her to be his lawfully wedded wife with:

Yes, I do.
When we first met, you seemed out of reach, a princess rescued from a dark castle,
and I saw you struggle and grow through trials that would have broken other people.
You are an amazing person, and I love you, and from this day forward, I promise you this:
I will always be a safe rock for you to stand on
I will always remind you how wonderful you are
I will respect you as an individual, a partner, and an equal.
I will make you laugh
and I promise to always love you
I will walk beside you all the days of my life,
I will always fight at your side and protect you if you need it
I will provide a furry shoulder to lean on if you need it
I will walk beside you all the days of my life,
I will always be your faithful companion, ready to listen when you need it
I will always be there to warm you if you need it
I will walk beside you all the days of my life,
when you are my strong woman, and my wife.

John presents the rings, one in gold with intricate cat, tiger, and heart engravings, and one in wood, bone, and red gold wire

After exchanging the rings Robin asks the congregation if anybody wants to risk death by objecting to the marriage and after waiting for a few heart beats declares them wife and husband (another gasp from Seward)

Darcy is crying happy tears at the kiss, Michael is making it not a very chaste kiss, and Arthur first tries to look away before kicking Michael in the chin to remind him that there are people present

The couple is walking down the aisle to the coach given that they cannot really leave the mansion they decided to have the ride from the ceremony to the breakfast buffet

Michael is making her aware of the little hidden hearts on her ring, and Darcy then smiles at him and asks him if he recognizes the material

It takes him a bit to figure out that it is bone, and she asks him if he remembers the night she was really drunk and he got angry because she was hurt… it clicks that the bone is her own, and when she tells him that the wood is from his parents’ rocking chair Michael is rather glad that he can walk ahead into the sun room so that nobody notices that he is tearing up

Wedding cake (yes, one layer is a massive honey cake) and mingling later everybody is pretending not to look for Arthur to be able to do his duty and abduct the couple to their honey moon

He leads them down to the nexus where Lionel, with his full fairy wings showing, waits in front of fairy tale carriage

That is the exact moment Darcy decides to stop disliking him

Michael and her give Arthur a last hug and Darcy implores him to keep Lucy away from John before the two of them get in the carriage

Lionel drives them through the magical forest to a crystal lake with an island in the middle, with a tiny castle just for them

The carriage drives directly across the water producing little rainbows at the ripples the horses’ hoofs and the wheels make

Lionel opens the door with a special key for them and tells them that all wedding gifts and luggage is in the bed room, but his gift is the other room, before he leaves them alone to explore their honey moon castle

Darcy is close to fainting when she sees that the room Lionel meant is a fully equipped play room with dozens of toys all emblazoned with the Westenra family crest

Of course, the two of them get up to shenanigans during their honey moon

But for everybody else, it seems as if they are back the next morning, fey lands are interesting like that on time moving differently

Darcy is walking with a constant slight skip in her step and to Arthur’s horror, Michael’s more relaxed attitudes seem to have rubbed off on Darcy… who utterly does not notice that she made a sex joke in front of her father when her mother is pestering Michael for details on the honey moon…

Darcy also surprises everybody by walking up to Lionel and giving him a hug and at a more private moment she tells him that she should strangle him for the gift but instead thanks him with a grin, and tells him that his wings are really pretty, to which he blushes to her surprise

Darcy also only too late realizes that she thanked Arthur openly about making sure that Lucy doesn’t eat John, so Michael goes over to the slightly confused John who looks a bit shocked at the revelation that Lucy is a vampire

Darcy comes over too and when he asks if that means she isn’t a werewolf gives him a fanged, embarrassed smile, telling him that she is a dhampir because her father is human

Michael, wanting to make sure that John isn’t afraid of Darcy says that she only him, and gets intrigued at the slight annoyance spike from Darcy’s emotions at that

Deciding that they have to get back to planning Darcy is taking a walk with Arthur to discuss the reception, both of them are not happy at the thought of so many people in the castle

When they discuss that the duchess is probably going to be the highest ranked person they try to make themselves feel better by saying that at least Michael didn’t invite Duke Stark

And speak of the devil, Michael appears because he heard his name, Arthur tries to cover by saying they were just talking about seating arrangements and comes up with the most boring things to talk about only to have Michael ask where the Duke would sit

Both Darcy and Arthur quickly say that it would be much too late to invite him now, to which Michael happily counters that he already did exactly that the last time he was in London, it wasn’t even difficult, he just walked in and talked to him

Arthur and Darcy are horrified, and Arthur begins to smack Michael over the head with his notebook for being so stupid and putting himself in such danger

Darcy asks him to hit Michael a few times from her as well because she doesn’t want to start a domestic

Michael defends himself that it was a joke, he, of course, used all the necessary formality in a letter of invitation

The two of them think they are doomed and frantically try to figure out how to get professional staff at such short notice who also won’t gossip about the household, Michael walks off contemplative

Wondering if they could get fey staff they decide to split to cover more ground, with Arthur going to ask Lionel for help and Darcy is trying to get started in on the necessary paperwork to increase the profile of the reception to accommodate for a direct friend of the queen

Arthur finds Lionel already talking to Michael who had the same thought about fey staff but Lionel says that’s an idea wrought with potential pranks and makes a counter suggestion

Grabbing Darcy they follow Lionel to a special room high up in the castle, only unlockable with another enchanted key

The room is filled with objects under glass domes, and Lionel points out a bell that can summon the staff of the castle throughout the centuries for a limited time before needing years to recharge

“Ghost staff? We can do that!” Darcy and Arthur agree that he is a life saver and thank him

Darcy also tells him that she would find it inappropriate if he was the head butler because he is part of the household, he and Lynette need to be guests

Happy to be invited Lionel says they can be eccentric nobles for Russia again like they did 30 years ago at one of Queen Vic’s receptions

Happy to have the staff covered Arthur and Darcy get to work on the other arrangements

While Darcy is working in her office Michael brings in tea and snacks, nothing unusual, but Darcy knows him well enough by now to notice that he has something to say, so she puts her work aside to give him her full attention

He asks her to please trust him more, he would never do something that could hurt her or Arthur, so of course, he would not simply walk up to a member of Excalibur

She sighs and tells him that she always panics with social events, so she wasn’t thinking rationally, she does trust him and is sorry if it seemed otherwise

He accepts that and tells her that he actually did several things before talking to the Duke

Given that nobody ever showed up at the castle about potentially arresting them he wanted to find out what the situation with the police and them was, so he went to London and, together with Harker, read up on the case for the prison break

Yes, they had been of interest to the Yard, but given that she a while later re-appeared and not only took possession of her ancestral lands but performed her duties without any reason for complaint they were not of prime interest any longer

When a noble, Michael suspects the duchess, came in and gave character testimony for them the case about their potential involvement in the Pride’s prison break was all but filed

Accompanied by one of Harker’s clerks he did go to the police and testify that they were there to visit family and simply tried to get away from the Pride when it appeared they were fleeing from Excalibur

The inspector believes him and clears them of all suspicion, they are free to return to London if they want, without fear of prosecution

Michael wanted to ensure that the same goes for Excalibur, and given that the Duke already interacted with them at the duchess’ place, Michael sent him a polite letter while also mentioning where they know each other from

The Duke seemed to actually remember and invited Michael for tea and was delighted at the mention of the wedding reception and wanted to come as well as bring along his other tea guest, Sir Dr. Strange, sorcerer supreme to the Queen

Michael, of course, cannot say no to that, and that is how the invitation actually went, in other words, he did not break decorum at all and now he can bring Darcy to the London theatre

She blinks for a moment, unsure if the entire story was a windup to get to that last sentence, but then is relieved at him not only really following protocol, but also being cleared of police investigation

She thanks him and the two of them spend the next hour with another sickeningly sweet lovebird conversation before she goes back to figuring out what is needed for the reception

One of the things that Darcy realizes needs doing is John’s training as her official head of security, when she inquires he tells her that Michael is already training him

She is more than skeptical about having those two alone because she smells a major prank setup, so she insists on sitting in on a lesson

Michael has been scheming the last few days which means that Darcy is low on blood during the lesson, which just so happens to include dancing

As per usual when she is hungry her body is doing things without her mind noticing, leading to her dancing rather closely and intimately with John, who has a very teenage male reaction to it, after looking over to Michael in terror of being in trouble

Darcy can feel the reaction against her and grabs Michael for a walk

“You are setting me up for something? I’m doing something I don’t notice again, aren’t I?!”

After them having a rather strange conversation about Michael knowing how much she likes John, and him cheating by reading her emotions at some lewd suggestions he is making and Darcy finally panicking into just letting him decide what is best, he tells her to wait in her room and burn a bit more blood

Being nervous Darcy might have gone a tad overboard on that given that a very insecure John finds Darcy lounging on her couch with her dress having slipped off one shoulder, an ankle showing, and her smile revealing fangs

Michael is locking the door behind him and making sure that John at no time is doing something he does not want to, Michael and Darcy are seducing John together, with the dangerous dhampir being securely tied up of course

Hours later Michal carries John to bed and tugs him safely in before returning to Darcy who is utterly flabbergasted at what just happened

The next morning finds Michael and Darcy in a playful mood with Pretty chasing a rat down the corridor, only for the rat to turn giant once he pounces on her

Now it is Pretty running from the rat past John’s door who tries to rescue the cat and stands his ground in front of the monster rat, who has sat down on its hind legs and cocking its head before starting to have a giggle fit at John telling her that she cannot eat the cat

Pretty says that’s not going to be a problem, which makes John realize that it’s Michael, looking at the rat and asking hesitantly: “Darcy?”

The rat shrinks to normal size and runs up his body to sit on the opposite shoulder to where Pretty has made himself comfortable

When Arthur walks past that with a cup of tea and some honey cakes he just shakes his head and greets them

Pretty, spotting the honey cakes, jumps over on his shoulder and starts begging for one

Arthur informs him that those aren’t good for him as a cat, which prompts Michael to shift into human form, making Arthur topple over, spilling his tea before Michael catches him

John doesn’t have much time laughing before Darcy mimics Michael’s joke and when he sighs that the two of them definitely fit together she whispers in his ear (with a smirk) that Michael isn’t the only one that fits before she runs off giggling

Arthur’s brain puts two and two together and he really wishes it didn’t

When Darcy is on her best behaviour with him at the breakfast table that is all the confirmation he needed and he really wants some brain bleach now


Just added in a little extra scene between Michael and Darcy that adds rather important information about our current police situation

Whitby Vandals 22: White Wedding

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