Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 23: We will always have the Nexus ...

The SFW parts of the honeymoon

After about three days of high exertion and emotions our happy couple finally needs a break, and the moment Darcy actually tries to sleep she is out like a light

Michael wakes up in the early evening and not wanting to disturb Darcy takes a stroll outside the castle

On the other side of the lake, he sees pretty lights dancing in the evening forest

At first, he has his wits together to not follow, and when he feels that his mind is being magically drawn he tries to run back into the house but gets magically convinced that the lights just harmlessly want to play so he jumps across the lake to follow them deeper into the woods

Darcy wakes up and is wondering as to why Michael did not react to the first word she says being his name

Given that this is Michael she decides he’s playing a game of hide and seek with her, and willing to cheat a bit, she turns wolf

Having searched everywhere, including every tiny nook Pretty could squeeze in, she notices the trail outside, but even after a bat flight around the island she still cannot find him

When calling for him and saying that she is getting scared still does not lead to him showing up she, in the complete isolation of the island, utters one single curse word, before she overcomes herself and calls for Lionel and help

He strolls around a corner and once he follows the magic trail he says some words in a language Darcy cannot understand but make her blush anyway

He assures her that normally the ones that kidnapped her husband aren’t dangerous, but Darcy insists on going to rescue her husband

Lionel holds out a hand and she reluctantly takes it, allowing her to walk across the lake as if it was solid ground (which is exactly what she mumbles under her breath over and over to stave off her horror at the lake)

In the forest she turns wolf to follow Michael’s trail, getting more and more annoyed because it is meandering all over the place before suddenly breaking off because, of course, Pretty had to teleport around, so she has to search around in widening circles for every instance

Slowed down like that enough time goes by for Darcy to forget herself

When Lionel notices claw marks up a massive tree he tries to reassure her (clearly being nervous though) and telling her to stay back should he have to engage

Taking the wolf’s confusion as insult he points out that he doesn’t think she is a coward or anything

When asked to turn back to her human form the wolf does not remember that she can do that, and with Lionel seemingly getting agitated about that she goes to calm him down, nuzzling him and pushing her head under his hand

Lionel tries again, even forming mist into a transformation from wolf to human, which gets the wolf to remember that she can do that… leading to Darcy sitting on the ground, with Lionel petting her hair

Nearly falling over backwards in her struggle to get away she gets up and tells him that this never happened, blushing furiously of course, but also tells him that yes, she understood what he said about the Shadow Walker

Deciding that it is better if he takes the trail Lionel turns into a white fox and Darcy has to keep her concentration together to not coo over him, that wouldn’t do at all

Deeper into the woods they come across their foe, twenty meters up in the canopy, glowing yellow eyes the only thing visible in the shadows

Lionel turns back and actually shows more power than usual, including looking less human than normal

He holds his ground against the Shadow Walker, who is telling the princeling to leave now, by explaining that a friend was lured away by the wisps (Darcy just might have melted a bit at Lionel calling Michael friend and talking about loyalty) and then going on to say that the outcome of a fight would not be certain

The Shadow Walker gives them an hour

Lionel says that should they not find Michael he will bring her back to the island and return alone, she tries to reassure him that they will manage

Lionel is clearly breaking the laws of physics on how fast he follows the trail and the two of them arrive on a clearing with a wisp struggling to fly but its light is going on and off

Darcy is torn between helping the pitiful creature and wanting to step on it because they abducted Michael, Lionel with a sigh lifts it up and heals it before telling it to scoot

Perplexed that they didn’t question it Darcy learns that wisp memory only is good for a few minutes

Lionel has noticed something else though and hands Darcy a rock off the ground

Inspecting what looks like a scratched version of Michael’s knight sigil with an arrow Darcy frowns and tells Lionel that they better go after him because he clearly got it in his head that he has to rescue somebody

They don’t get very far as Darcy gets barreled over by Damien right the moment after
As overjoyed as she is to have him again, she does feel a little bit as if her rescue got stolen

Given that the ultimatum is still over their heads Darcy tells him to postpone the recounting of his adventure for when they are back to safety. He wants to reassure her in her heroic deed and says that she can tell him her side of the story. Noticing her strong internal “NOPE” reaction he now really wants to hear it

Lionel goes right to work reinforcing the wards, making the lake burn with blue flames, while Michael and Darcy shelter themselves back into their small castle

With his head on her lap he recounts the story of how he tried to resist the wisps but once they got him he found himself chasing after them until they brought him to a clearing and he felt them drain his energy out of him (Darcy wishes she did stomp on the injured wisp)

When he changed to Damien and swatted at them while roaring they fled though

He tried following his trail back, finding just as she did that tracking teleporting Pretty is a pain to track, so he had trouble returning

On his way he noticed something he calls cat-bear and Darcy recognizes as a young Shadow Walker from his description, fighting with some wisps

Not sure about the situation Damien turns Michael for a bit to feel the emotions, finding anger and fear in the Shadow Walker he changes back to Damien and scares off the wisps

Given that the youngling cannot walk he brings him back to his mother and siblings, but first leaves the rock for Darcy

The mother wasn’t fond of him, although the pups seemed to like playing with him, so she sets him in front of the door for Lionel and Darcy to find

Having brought her up to speed he now pokes her to tell her story, which she does, omitting her cursing and the wolf episode completely, and when he tries to figure out her embarrassment she succeeds in misdirecting his attention to when she had to hold Lionel’s hand. Michael seems disappointed but lets it go remembering that she didn’t have breakfast yet

She decides to try to help him in the kitchen and during the remainder of the now uneventful honeymoon she has learned at least the basics of breakfast

On the last day she sneaks out of bed to bring him breakfast, and he pretends to sleep through the ruckus she, of course, manages to produce before “waking up” delighted to her surprise



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