Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 26: Inlaws and Interventions

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Pretty tells Darcy that they should get away from the door but that it seems as if the adults decided to be reasonable and are having “some sort of threeway arrangement”

Darcy, in her best high-pitched girl voice, hands over the reception invitation, and asks if it’s “Lord Godalming” still or if she should switch to “Lord Arthur” now if the talk went well; Seward blushes, Lucy is proud and has to bite her cheek not to laugh at Darcy’s boldness, Lord Arthur is a bit overwhelmed but says “uh, well, Lord Arthur will do”

On the next morning, Artie follows Darcy after breakfast to her study; and asks her to drop the toast at the reception, he’s happy about the party but the toast makes him really uncomfortable, to his surprise she instantly agrees; she says she likes to acknowledge him but it’s for him and if it makes him uncomfortable, why wouldn’t she? He replies that he thought it was important to her. She reiterates that it’s for him, he thanks her and then hugs her quickly and bustles out – only to stick his head back in a moment later to ask if she wants to tell Michael or if he should.

Darcy decides they should go together & being in a mischievous mood asks if he wants to skip down the hall with her. He offers her his arm & they head off.

Before encountering anything, they hear raised voices, and find Seward & Michael having an argument.

Darcy runs after her departing father, while Arthur enters room – where there’s no sign of Michael.

Looking out the window, he only sees Seward going for a “brisk walk” with his wolf-daughter chasing after him.

Darcy catches up to Seward and nuzzles his hand, he wipes his hand on a handkerchief to her offense. Then she turns back to be able to talk to him, but Seward insists it’s nothing & that everything is fine.

Knowing that facial expression she realizes that he won’t budge, but while she knows that she might not be able to get him to talk, she knows that she can get Michael to talk if need be.

Darcy heads back inside to find Arthur, who hasn’t found Michael yet. Darcy’s wolf nose tracks him down to a small upstairs room that has windows on four sides, lying in the sun as Pretty. Both approach, Darcy along the walls to avoid as much sun as possible.

Michael tries to brush their enquiries off at first, saying that he thinks Seward has second thoughts about the marriage & doesn’t think Michael is good enough, but Arthur can tell something is up and his look tells Michael as much.

Darcy asks to be in on the silent conversation, and as Michael doesn’t indicate otherwise, Arthur points out that he doesn’t think it is Seward Michael’s talking about. Darcy begins to feel panicky, and Artie goes on telling Michael that Darcy loves him and it’s too late anyway, he should just get over it.

In the face of him feeling Darcy being upset and with Artie’s prodding, Michael confesses that he still feels like Darcy’s out of his reach, like he said in his wedding vows after Seward criticised him. Darcy reassures him, and he cries on her shoulder, and they end up in a group hug with Artie pointing out that Michael’s an idiot (which Darcy approves of.)

Once they calm down, and Michael allows that maybe he should apologize to Seward for behaving like a brat, Darcy departs to enlist her mother in order to talk to Seward and prepare the ground, so to speak.

She finds Lucy painting while affecting a melancholic expression– the painting is of course pornographic. After a bit of mother-daughter banter that includes Darcy pointing out that she has no need of that picture in her bedroom because unlike Lucy, she’s visible in mirrors, Lucy agrees to talk to her husband. Darcy congratulates her on her acquisition of her second husband, and departs.

She ends up talking with Artie, then dancing with him– including on the walls and the ceiling. They get surprised by Lord Arthur just when they finish, who comments on having seen enough and leaves, this having confirmed some suspicions he had about Darcy’s & Artie’s relationship due to the fact that when he first saw them, Darcy was only in her underwear after having been trapped together with Artie.

Embarrassed and upset, Arthur and Darcy end up discussing some very personal matters, including the fact that Artie is considering duelling Lord Arthur for Darcy’s honour, his sexuality, and the effects of Darcy’s bite. To his own surprise Artie feels reassured by Darcy’s explanations that nothing is wrong with him. She tries to explain that others seem so obsessed with it because it makes them happy, the same way he seems obsessed with books to others.

Having had enough of embarrassing conversations for the moment, they decide that Arthur should go inform Michael of Lord Arthur’s suspicions, while Darcy will go keep an eye on her father’s door in case Lord Arthur decides to take his suspicions that way first.

Arthur finds Michael in the garden, and earns the expected laughter and mock pride at him being a menace to married women’s virtue, after confessing what happened.

He stays when Michael tells him that Lord Arthur is approaching, though he does remove his head from Michael’s shoulder and straightens himself out. The acknowledgement between Lord Arthur and Artie is cautious and not really subservient enough on Artie’s part, but Michael manages to smooth things over, by assuring Lord Arthur of his trust in both Darcy and Artie, and the sibling-nature of their relationship.

He then redirects the conversation to the magic book and draws Artie in as well. They part on good terms, and Artie asks Lord Arthur for lessons in Romanian. Lord Arthur observes that Artie enjoys riding, and offers to combine the two.

Meanwhile, Darcy the rat sits in front of her father’s door to eavesdrop on Lucy’s and Seward’s conversation. Lucy doesn’t broach the subject of Michael directly, but talks about the wedding and how well it went, before mentioning how lucky Darcy is in having found Michael. Seward reluctantly agrees, and Lucy leaves it at that, winking at her daughter as she leaves the room and advising her to give it ten minutes. Darcy the rat follows her mother to climb up to her shoulder and give her a quick rat kiss on the cheek before settling down to wait.

Exactly ten minutes later, according to her watch, she knocks and enters, putting on her sweetest daughter persona. After approaching the topic through the planned birthday celebrations and several subtle but unsuccessful mentions of family and happiness, Darcy has to get somewhat more direct, and asks whether her father is mad and whether she did anything wrong to cause this.

Seward, of course, denies that she has, and admits that he thinks Michael doesn’t respect him. Darcy tells him about Michael’s insecurities, and Seward says he only wants to give him the best advice he can on how to treat his wife.

Darcy’s “The way you treat mother?” is rather a shock to him, and he doesn’t regain his footing in the conversation while Darcy sweetly assures him that she’s convinced he only means to give Michael the best kind of advice – the sort he lives himself. Seward allows that he needs to think on this, and maybe talk to Michael.

Darcy hammers the coffin shut by giving him a tight hug, getting on her tip toes to give him a kiss, and telling him that she knew that he will surely get everything resolved because he is a great papa and she loves him, before floating out of the room

Shortly after Arthur and Darcy are keeping a close eye from the upstairs windows on Michael and Seward seemingly having a much more civil conversation in the gardens



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