THE dracula


Dracula visited the UK soon 20 years back and during his visit made the young Lucy Westenra his first victim. Dracula later fled back to Romania, while Lucy was thought to have been destroyed.
Unbeknownst to everybody but Dr. Seward, Lucy is indeed un-alive and had a child, which by vampire genealogy would be Dracula’s grandchilde, making Darcy a bit of a princess.

It remains to be seen if Dracula, just as Lucy is wrongfully presumed dead, and if he is indeed the monster Van Helsing painted him to be, or if the glimpses of a dark knight doomed to search eternally for his lost love that Mina saw are closer to his true self.

The inhabitants of Whitby never knew about the vampire walking in their midst, the newspapers only reported of the huge wolf jumping of the shipwreck of the Demeter.



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