Lucy Westenra

Darcy's mother


Once the beloved daughter of the Westenra estate Lucy was the first to fall to Dracula once he landed in England. Hunted by her own suitors she only survived because Seward could not bring himself to stop loving her despite her vampiric nature. He faked her extermination and started a sordid affair while hiding her from the world.
Lucy spent the last decades in Persia, away from her husband and child, but is now happily residing back in her childhood manor of Castle Rossmore. She is hoping to soon not only have her husband but also her old engaged back with her.

As many other vampires, Lucy can assume the form of several night creatures. The form of the wolf is likely in her repertoire because she was sired by Dracula, and she has gifted this form on to Darcy.


Birthday: 1st of April

Lucy Westenra

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