Robin Goodfellow

Jolly carefree nature loving healer who lives in the forest




Father: Ash Goodfellow, died 2 years ago when trying to protect the forest against the Pride
Mother: Belladonna Goodfellow, died 2 years ago when trying to protect the forest against the Pride
Sister (Twin): Rosamund Goodfellow, taken by the Pride when they attacked 2 years ago.

Robin and Rosamund were raised by their parents according to Druid traditions. They both learned the ways of the forest and all the animals that live there. At first it was pure study but as the years progressed they started to commune with the Land. This enabled them to sense life around them, to sense its emotions, to communicate with it (mostly with the humans and animals, plants required more….patience).
Once they got the hang of sensing life around them they slowly started to be able to influence life as well. Healing was one of the most important lessons learned. But not all training was benign. They also learned to influence life to defend themselves and the forest (with the help of the forest and its inhabitants). This was the ‘easy’ part of the training as the forest was in balance.
Unfortunately nowadays there are plenty of places where nature is not in balance anymore. The cities that humans build are the most common places. Cities take from nature without giving anything back. The population keeps increasing until they need to expand even further, taking up more space, requiring more food and still forgetting to return an equal share to the land (not enough farmlands, not enough new wildlife, etc). Of course Robin and Rosamund had to be trained with this life-form as well. City people are far more difficult to understand than those who live in nature. They have too many unbalanced ways to easily make sense of. Therefor it’s sometimes necessary to influence them slightly to ensure that violence does not ensue.

The goodfellows are Travelers and move from forest to forest. They offer their services as healers for people, plants and animals. Seeing that many people have no healing skills (or the proper herbs) they can earn money in most places without problems (Travelers are not always welcome. Apparently not all Travellers are good-natured healers). Especially farmers are happy to make use of their skills. They are a lot more affordable (and efficient) then the official city doctors.

All in all they lived a peaceful life until 2 years ago when the Pride came to the forest where they stayed at the time. They were performing rituals that were damaging the forest and its inhabitants. Ash and Belladonna tried to stop them. Unfortunately they were not open to communication and turned out to be very dangerous. The parents sent animals to try and bring the kids to safety. Unfortunately the forest was influenced by strange magics and became like a maze by itself. Because of this Robin and Rosamund get separated from each other.
That was the last time Robin saw Rosamund and their parents.

When things calmed down many hours later Robin tried to find his sister but no trace could be found. Not even a trace of her smell could be found as the forest was pretty much burned down, just not with normal fire….
After many months of searching Robin had to give up. The decision to give up the search was the first time that Robin looked angry. Mostly at himself for not being able to help his family when they needed him. He knows that their training was not finished yet but still, maybe he could have made a difference, maybe..
It took a good while before his good natured spirit returned. All it took was the voice of the Land..

Robin Goodfellow

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