A little group of misfits managed to leave behind the chaos when a number of villains escaped London's infamous Newgate Prison and Asylum and fled the city. They found a new home in Whitby.

In the Whitby Vandals, our young group finds itself teleported out of London to the town of Whitby, that just 20 years ago has been the scene of the terrible happenings around the Westenra family. Wrongfully accused of being involved with the prison break of The Pride, a group of notorious supervillains, our heroes are led by meddling fey to the old Westenra Manor for shelter. Only to find that young Miss Darcy Seward might indeed be the rightful heir to the manor, as her mother might be more undead than dead. Will Robin, the young good-natured druid, Arthur, the traumatised son of a powerful magus, and his best friend Michael, now through some not planned side-effects of a resurrection spell part cat and part demon, find a friend or foe in Darcy, who only just now grows into her powers as a dhampir?

Whitby is a seaside town in Yorkshire, northern England, split by the River Esk. On the East Cliff, overlooking the North Sea, the ruined Gothic Whitby Abbey became infamous during the recent Dracula affair. Nearby is the Church of St. Mary, reached by 199 steps. The Captain Cook Memorial Museum, in the house where Cook once lived, displays paintings and maps. West of town is West Cliff Beach, lined with beach huts.


Whitby Vandals

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