Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 06: There Will Be Blood ...

Arthur is rummaging through the accounts of the incident and notices a discrepancy: all victims had exactly the same skull wounds. After telling this to Michael, Mordish and he can find tiny saw marks hidden under the supposed animal bites, confirming that the attacks are not what they seem.

Between Michael talking to the children and Darcy having a private conversation with the mayor, our Vandals find out that the ruins of an abandoned military station are close to the village. Michael makes a failed attempt at convincing Darcy that her corset might be too much for the excursion and is very pointedly shown the door! Come nightfall our group sets out to investigate the station, Darcy is happy to leave the village even if it means going into danger. Curiously, the very bushes and trees seem to avoid hindering their passage. Darcy soon is surrounded by all kinds of nocturnal animals and has bats, owls and mice vying for a spot on her shoulders.

When all animals suddenly stop Arthur and Robin figure out that they have found a barrier that is trying to subtly divert them away from their goal. Combining their magic and willpower the group can find their way forward, up to the point where the animals flee and Michael spots shambling forms in the dark forest coming towards them. This is the time to find out if Arthur can do more than light candles!

Robin traps the decaying bodies in a barrier, and Arthur can indeed throw fireballs, which helps to illuminate the scene, letting Darcy and Arthur see their attackers for the first time. The shock is too much and Darcy finds herself in the form of a wolf, confused and scared. Arthur backs away from her bumping into Michael who had pulled both Arthur and Darcy behind himself to protect them.

Between Robin slowing them down, Michael using the zombies as missiles against each other and Arthur laying into them with fire, the situation seems well under control, when Darcy suddenly notices somebody sneaking up on them from behind. The man, clad in wolf skins, is about to throw a bottle at them when wolf jaws clamp down on his wrist. Trying to shake the wolf off the man smears his blood all over her fur, which Michael in the darkness mistakes as Darcy being hurt, leading him to burst into the form of a tiger demon in rage, roaring: “You are going to die!”

Arthur, shook but trusting in his friend, stands in Michael’s way to make sure that they can still interrogate the man. Confused Demichael instead of killing the man slams him down to the ground and tells him to call the zombies off. While Wolf-Darcy is pinning the man down Demichael makes short work of the incapacitated shamblers, Robin can take a short break to recover, and Arthur, at the end of his string, empties his stomach into the nearest bushes. Arthur quickly recovers enough to pick up the bottle of acid and question the clearly insane man, revealing that he is just the apprentice and The Master is summoning a higher power!

Digging the apprentice in up to the neck, our heroes send Michael to scout ahead, who is reporting back to Arthur how the summoning circle looks like. The rest of the group follows, Darcy, unable to change back to human in the lead. Just when they are about to enter the summoning chamber Pretty is thrown through the door with burning fur, which is enough for Darcy to not only turn human, but to rush into the chamber like a fury, felling the enemy with one swing of her claws, shouting: “Nobody hurts my cat!”

Mordish makes sure the enemy stays down and strips him down, realising he actually needs to heal him to make sure he does not bleed out. Arthur has arrived at Michael’s side and is healing him while Darcy, who rushed back, is cradling him and cooing at him to calm his nerves. With Michael’s health stable Arthur proceeds to disrupt the ritual and Robin is burying all potentially dangerous relics deep underground. They then start debating how to get the (currently unconscious) mage back to the village, until Darcy rolls her eyes and under mutterings about boys being inefficient, rams her handkerchief down the summoner’s throat and rips her lower skirt to blindfold him, before walking out the door while still carrying Pretty.

Back at the village, a certain American learns that he should have kept his mouth shut when he says: “That’s the cat that nearly killed my dog.” Because Darcy is putting two and two together, realising that he shot at Pretty, and proceeds to slap him hard enough to fly across the village square. She then outwardly calmly proceeds to have Mordish hand over the villains to the mayor, offering her carriage to transport them to the constabulary in Whitby. On the way there Robin scrambles their memories so that they cannot report on what they saw of our heroes.

Meanwhile, back at the rectory, Arthur is in dire need of a friend, and Darcy reluctantly allows Pretty to leave, telling him to go to his friend, who breaks down into tears in Michael’s arms.


Yup, everything is there, thank you Cara.

The only thing is that there is more than acid in the jar currently resting innocently in a safe spot next to the boys.


Well, I don’t know what is in the jar, so I couldn’t have included it, now could I ;)


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