Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 29: All’s well in Whitby…

Troy and the kids get driven home by John in an overloaded carriage after Darcy reassures Troy that Lionel is trustworthy and that Brenda will be safe with him. Darcy retires, exhausted from all the noise and activity, and falls asleep on her couch. Michael finds her there and tucks her into bed before heading off for a patrol. All is quiet in town, except Michael notices a few more rats around than usual. When he returns home, Darcy is awake again, which leads to them getting up to some things Artie doesn’t want to know about.
The following morning, after Darcy gets scandalized by Michael running around in his hero outfit despite the danger of running into Papa, Artie gets busy researching the Dracula-related events from seventeen years ago, forgetting all about breakfast until Darcy comes to the library to bring him a tray. Artie is a little evasive about telling her what he’s looking into, as he doesn’t want to scare her with what he’s read about her vampire ancestor until he has a better perspective on things. Darcy notices but leaves him to it, promising that she’ll remind him when it’s time for his ride and Romanian lesson with Lord Arthur. Then she heads off to tackle her own paperwork.

In Whitby, Brenda has returned in a very good mood, and she and Troy set off to earn some money, deciding on a knife-throwing performance, while the other street kids head off to do their usual activities. Troy does notice as they move through town that he doesn’t see any cats on the streets at all, the only ones he sees are indoors, and Brenda’s current favourite, Miss Snugglepuff, didn’t show up for her usual morning milk.

Michael heads out on another patrol, swinging by Arthur’s Cove, where he’s welcomed cheerfully and everything is well. The factory is up and running, and the mayor hands Michael some additional paperwork for Darcy concerning the school they want to open. No one’s sure whether there are more rats about than usual, however. On his way back, Michael stops in at Whitby to check up on Troy and everyone to make sure they got home okay. He finds Brenda cheerfully throwing knives at Troy while flirting with Michael (who of course doesn’t flirt back). Troy survives unharmed anyway, and they ask Michael if they need permission to perform on the streets. Michael says he’ll ask Darcy about it, and asks them whether they’ve noticed any extra rats, but Troy only mentions shooing some out of the hide out the evening before, which wasn’t unusual. Troy agrees to keep an eye out for anything unusual, and Michael returns home to present Darcy with the extra paperwork.
During their ride, Artie asks Lord Arthur about the magic book that trapped him and Darcy, finally. Lord Arthur is a little surprised, but says he doesn’t mind the question, he’d just prefer to tell everyone, so a tea-time family meeting is called.

Lord Arthur explains that the books are used to trap vampires and sometimes to recruit new hunters or show “sympathizers” the errors of their way, since a vampire can’t live off of one person long-term. He says the journals aren’t particularly rare, so even if we could find out who made this particular journal, it likely wouldn’t help narrow down the owner. The best way will probably be to look into the names of the last victims recorded in it, but we decide that it might be prudent to wait until after the reception, just in case investigations would draw more attention. Lord Arthur promises to get a start on discreet inquiries, though he cautions that he cannot do too much given the current company he keeps. Seward seems to be the only one hung up by Lord Arthur in a slip of the tongue referring to Darcy as his daughter.

During dinner, there is a knock on the door. Michael goes to answer and finds that it’s Troy, rather than the emergency they half-expected. Michael takes him to the kitchen rather than exposing him to Lucy and tempting her, and starts filling a bag with left-over food from the day before for Troy and the kids. Troy came to ask about whether performing in the street is alright, but Michael says Darcy is still looking into the legal end of things, but that if there’s any trouble with the constabulary, to send them his way. Troy also mentions the lack of cats on the streets all day, but neither know what to make of it, nor do the others when Michael discusses it with Artie and Darcy later on. Artie’s only comment is that no one should follow any strange music, in case there’s a Pied Piper connection with the rats. Part of this is due to even Lord Arthur agreeing that a large gathering of rats has too many possible connotations to make any solid statements.



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