Lady Darcy Ruby Westenra

The secret and illicit child of Dr. Sewart and Vampire Lucy


Age: 16
Height: 1.55m
Weight: 53 kg
Birthday: 21. August

Personality: Shy, manipulative without meaning to, has only theoretical knowledge of social conventions, human and vampire sides pull in different directions

Theme song: Paradise Lost – Two Worlds



Darcy has been told that she has a rare blood disease for as long as she can remember. This is why she lives locked away from others in Uncle Jekyll’s asylum, safe from harm, and safe from harming others. She is forbidden from ever leaving her room or to come close to other humans because she supposedly is dangerous to others.

In reality, Darcy is the illicit offspring of Dr. Seward’s love for Lucy even after the grave took her. Her father is obsessed with keeping Darcy safe from actually realizing vampiric powers and has therefore locked her in Dr. Jekyll’s asylum to either cure her of her “condition” or to prevent Darcy from ever ingesting blood.

To make the charade easier to explain to inquiring socialites, Darcy has been dressed and brought up as a girl. Her education is impeccable but utterly theoretical, so while she knows all the rules of behaviour, she does not know how to actually interact with others.

The first thing Darcy remembers after cowering in her closet is waking up in a field of heather surrounded by strange men and being covered in blood. But luckily a chaperone appeared saving her from bringing shame upon herself and her family. Well, since she now is in Whitby the logical reaction is to send a letter to father to get her home safely before she can be a danger to anybody.

The letter never arrived as Robin kept it to himself, which meant that Darcy had to face her fate as the new head of house Westenra, lady of the land, and sworn protector of her people. Only to realize that she really does not like being around people, so she prefers to defer the talking to her knight, Michael.

Slowly getting acquainted with her powers Darcy only just learned how to turn into a wolf (called Lady), followed a week later by her bat form, and then the rat (named Rosered in a moment of panic by Artie).

Finally having overcome her dislike for the fae bracelet, Darcy dons her hero outfit, to find herself wearing a Zuaves Vivandiere uniform:

Lady Darcy Ruby Westenra

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