Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 32: Dollhouse

12th of November

Following the trail into worse parts of town Colonel Burnside’s imposing presence keeps ruffians from harassing the poor defenseless nobles (making Darcy and Artie smirk at each other)

They come past a gentleman who stares at Pretty and questions if the beast has returned to tantalize him more. Despite the side glances the Vandals it’s probably for the best not investigate for once, especially because it would be improper for Darcy to acknowledge him when he bows to her

Eventually, they arrive at a part of the town that clearly burned down a while ago, but to their shock people still seem to live here and those people are determined to beg at least something off the rare noble visitors

Darcy as per usual takes pity and is generously handing money out while Troy goes down on his knees and hands the food he has to the children and asking about the fire

Pretty pokes Arthur into action pointing out that there are no roofs here for the dolls to use so somebody must have seen something

Arthur hones in on a girl that dashed in to get food and then went off to the side, bribing her with a honey cake she is willing to answer a question in exchange and after being a bit reluctant she confirms that the dolls came by here, carrying people and being led by a larger figure, they were heading towards the old church nobody goes into anymore because some people got killed by the collapsing roof

When he tells Darcy she wonders why the dolls were carrying people given that Artie smelled “book magic” earlier, but Pretty confirms that human smell started mixing in here

Sniffing around more closely they find a threadbare cloth that likely was a bag of holding but the magic wore out so the dolls had to carry the humans, which with their strength only took about 3 dolls per person

Debating what to do Darcy brings up that there is no reason to send Michael into danger for scouting, they have Troy after all… he can see through flame

Concentrating he finds himself in a crypt under the church, the vaulted roof illuminated by several clearly stolen lanterns

The scene is surreal and horrifying as Troy watches dolls carrying people to seemingly specific spots and drawing a symbol on their foreheads, with the big doll lying on a sarcophagus slab in the middle of everything mumbling

When he describes the symbol and mumbling to Arthur it becomes clear that the doll is planning an energy transfer and there is not much time left

Darcy is glancing at Burnside and Troy with exasperation which gives Michael the idea to send the Colonel for reinforcements given that as a man of stature he can get through the bad part of town and surely has the best chances of rallying men

Under the guise that a battle field is no place for a lady Darcy pretends to run after the Colonel to “lose her way in the dark alleys” and only emerge after the fight

Confessing that 150 to 3 is a bad ratio even for Damien, Arthur “remembers” that he has the household’s trusty battle rat Rosered in his pocket and together the four come up with a two pronged approach that will take Pretty and Rosered into attack position while Troy brings in Arthur to fireball the big doll

Throughout the planning, Arthur has to suppress a giggle at Rosered’s reactions to Pretty licking her face and her being all indignant

Seeing that they are out of time everybody gets into position and the moment Arthur teleports in he fires off a plasma ball, which unknown to him Troy boosts, resulting in the main doll being nearly instantly incinerated

Before Damien and huge Rosered can spring into action the majority of the other dolls drop allowing the ones closest to the hostages to set themselves up for instant kill

Creepily the voice of the entity comes from all dolls at the same time and threatens to kill the humans if the Vandals don’t desist. It states that this is the law of strength, as it has observed it is common among humans

Arthur debates with entity and together with Michael promises to help it and research how to sustain its life-force as long as it won’t hurt anybody

Seeing how its energy is running out the entity finally agrees when Arthur drops his armour (to very exasperated chittering from Rosered) and approaches, leading to one doll harbouring the entire entity with Arthur halting the energy decay

Damien opens the slap blocking the crypt entry into the church and collapses the precarious walls before beginning to evacuate the hostages

Just when Arthur is walking among them to make sure they are alright Burnside returns with a band of police ready to get into a fight just to find the situation under control

Darcy “reappears” after having dragged Artie behind another crypt and told him that she will be the least suspicious with the doll who she carries around after that once she reassured it that she will honor Arthur’s promise

Given the late hour and Darcy’s incapability to sleep here anyway the Vandals head back home

Back in Whitby Michael notices John out on the town and stops the carriage (also to drop off Troy, who would prefer getting some lazy days now)

Darcy, intrigued by the carriage stopping, glances out and spots John flirting with a town girl, which makes Darcy’s fangs erupt and hiss inhuman, the handle of the carriage in her hand being cleanly ripped off the door

Arthur wakes from the commotion and at first alarmed that there might be danger going by Darcy’s reaction takes a look as well, quickly puts his data points together, and says the one thing that probably can keep Darcy from murder: Reminding her that she would be out in public

Managing to keep herself together, she grinds her teeth together but falls back into the seat, brooding for the rest of the, rather rushed, journey since Michael empathically felt her emotions erupt and was about ready to leap to intercept her

When he opens the carriage door at the castle Darcy wordlessly stomps off, the by now cracked handle still clutched tightly, and Arthur tells him what happened and that fangs were involved, which gets Michael to blush and Artie to get way more information than he wanted



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