Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 32.5: Over her dead body!

Realizing that she no longer has a bedroom of her own Darcy stomps off to her sewing room, putting furrows into the carpet with her pacing

Michael takes the grumble he hears when he asks if he might come in as a yes and is immediately stricken by her emotions. He expected the anger and jealousy, is not surprised by the guilt and shame, but what he is most intrigued by is another feeling he cannot place and has never felt before, a feeling that seems utterly inhuman.

He calmly talks to Darcy, not forcing himself close to her until he notices most of her negative emotions fading into the background and she is able and willing to talk it out as rationally as she can manage

She knows and understands that she is being silly, she wants John to be happy, she even wants him to marry (even though she has to force that out through clenched teeth) but at the same time the very thought makes her blood boil and she can’t stop herself from baring fangs and claws

Michael reassures her that jealousy is normal, especially for somebody like her who was brought up by an overprotective but doting father in isolation. She laughs slightly bitter pointing out that there was nothing to share, she was the stereotypical princess in the tower. Sighing she adds that she knows that she can’t have him, either he will marry or even if he doesn’t, he is only human, he will die. Michael is a tad concerned by her long term perspective, especially when she also starts talking about her own death and beyond, which he is happy to shove off for right now.

She has calmed down and Michael notices that she is clearly hungry by her mischievous demeanor and lack of embarrassment, not only about discussing their “third wheel” but even worse, teasing him about knowing full well that he enjoys making her blush and tantalizing her in public. Joking that he better not be under the table when she has to give a speech at the reception and both of them laughing about Artie probably fainting

With her behaviour and her admitting to having been more hungry lately, he finally figures out that she might need more blood now that her powers are growing

Michael is glad to feel her strong emotions subsiding but the strange one he cannot place does not want to budge and together with her still having her fangs out he realizes that this might be a dhampir thing and decides to ask Lucy while Darcy tries to remain calm with some needlework

Lucy, playful as always, in the beginning, grows serious as Michael tells her the situation. She sighs and admits to having been on guard for this and other young vampire problems. Without fully saying it out loud she confesses to her early murders and wanting to make sure that Darcy won’t do anything similar because nobody is helping her with her new self. Lucy comments on how she does not let Darcy and Seward be alone together for too long.

She goes on to explain that vampire hunters call the emotion Michael senses on Darcy “prey obsession” and it happens when a vampire or dhampir feeds off a small number of persons repeatedly. If not kept in check or dealt with it often ends with a dead human because the vampire ends up deciding that “if I can’t have them then no one shall”. She tries to make it easier understandable to Michael by comparing it to predatory animals grabbing more off a kill than they need because other hunters are around.

That’s why vampire hunters tend to feed their “pet dhampirs” through mixed vials. Lucy’s revulsion and anger at both the blood from vials and how dhampirs are treated is clearly showing through. When Michael asks how the obsession can be solved she says there is not much to be done that Darcy would be happy with, she herself just goes off to town when she notices she is getting a bit too attached to either of her men, but that isn’t an option for Darcy of course.

When Michael returns to Darcy she immediately knows that she won’t like the news and he tells her that she has a few choices:
- Have her father and the local doctor procure blood for her, she is about as disgusted with the idea as Lucy is
- She has to get blood from more people, even Ruby is squeamish about that idea
- She has to stop drinking from John, she hates giving up on “toys” (and is shocked that she even had that thought)

Deciding that she isn’t hungry enough to be that mean she sighs and seeing the pain this decision causes her Michael says he can talk to John, maybe he won’t mind, but he knows how happy he is at the thought of now being able to marry and have children… Darcy breaks in grumpily that Lynette did a better job on him there than on her leading Michael to try to console her.

Which dissolves into her trying every single possible distraction to shove off making her decision, including talking about a potential family reunion with Michael’s demon part, a potential extra partner for them while keeping John around, and using either Arthur or Lionel for more blood because Darcy definitely won’t get intimate with either for different reasons.

Still unhappy but realizing there is no putting off the decision Darcy agrees that it is best to for now only feed off Michael and hope that her obsession vanes.

With the decision made Michael is trying to better her mood and sate her hunger by swinging her over his shoulder and carrying her down the stairs to their private room



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