Whitby Vandals

Whitby Vandals 33: A Stark at a wedding - what could go wrong?

19th of November

Arthur and Darcy are discussing the preparations for the hundredth time when Michael strolls in with a cup of tea and one single honey cake, playing up how relaxed he is in his blue smoking jacket while sitting down and nibbling his cake

After a bit he grabs the list out of Arthur’s hand and decides they fussed enough, so he tosses the list into the fireplace. While Arthur is half way in between glaring and screaming Darcy reaches right into the fire and pulls the list back out, not caring about the wounds she’s inflicting on herself

Michael is a bit stunned and rather annoyed while watching Darcy blow on her hand and shaking it while going right back to panicking over the list with Arthur

Michael decides the best way to deal with this is to grab the list again and run off, house shoes flopping, with Darcy asking Arthur if it would be bad to wolf bite her husband in the derriere on the reception day…

Sighing, the two of them just use the list in their heads before Darcy shoos Arthur to his room to get ready, where he finds Michael who confesses to having toyed with the idea of hiding the clothes

When the entity, who now is living in our mirrors, tells them that the house noticed the first coach to arrive belongs to the Duchess and Duke Stark, both Darcy and Arthur are having another hysterical fit, but Michael is graciously receiving them in the entrance hall

Meanwhile, Lucy is putting on the Lynette provided amulet, turning her into Tracy, Darcy’s 12-year-old cousin. Even Artie cannot feel the magic on it. Seward is being treated to some stiff alcohol by Lord Arthur to calm his nerves.

Brenda, in the pretty security dress that was her condition, is marshaling the kids together with Misses Hudsbeth, who morphed into a kitchen general. Noirette, our dragon, is patrolling the outer perimeter, and John and Troy are providing security inside

Hiding half behind Michael, Arthur gets introduced to Dr. Strange who takes an immediate interest in him as he feels the magical potential

When Darcy walks down the stairs in her special dress she gets greeted nearly like family by the Duchess and Duke Stark manages to compliment her in a way that is perfectly proper but would make her blush furiously had she not been around Michael for the last few months

The party sojourns to the main room, with Darcy, the Duchess, and Gwyneviere having an engaged debate about fashion and weapons, Tony, Michael, and Tracy are getting along like a house on fire, and Arthur to his shock finds himself happily nerding out with Dr. Strange and Lynette

The next to arrive are nobles from the neighboring barony who are only here because they cannot not show up to an event with the duchess. Darcy’s competitiveness jumps into full action and she is trying her hardest to amuse the Duchess, who, noticing where Darcy’s gaze is going goes right ahead continuing to laugh and putting a familiar hand on Darcy’s shoulder, getting the fake smiles on the nobles’ faces to freeze in

Spurred on by that Darcy ends up being the darling of the evening, her shyness forgotten with her competition to be the best hostess possible and to parade her flat belly in front of the rumor mongers who derided the wedding for being shotgun

Michael, who was fully prepared to save her from the social event, instead feels proud and answers all the compliments about how lucky he is with a bright smile

Troy, with a very curious Brenda at his shoulder, can listen in on the gossip and is hearing some interesting things as well as some rather pissed off whispers about Darcy actually being a good hostess with little to criticize. Later in the evening the line of attack shifts to criticizing her about the poor breeding of her husband and how she could have done so much better instead of wasting it on Michael. It is for the best Darcy isn’t the one hearing that line…

For the official signing of the marriage contract (Michael trained drawing a signature for weeks) Tony actually pulls Dr. Strange away from where he has quartered himself off at some tables with Arthur, after having commented only a single sentence about his father and about him really needing a mentor not to let such talent go to waste. Arthur is dumbfounded that he was actually enjoying himself, having temporarily forgotten his panic of speaking to the Sorcerer Supreme

Darcy is unbearably smug when she notices that she is getting the witness signatures of not only the Duchess, a Duke and personal friend of the Queen, but also Dr. Strange which Michael cannot help but comment on, grinning when he gets a naughty answer whispered back

With the main event of the evening done everybody but the Duchess’ party is leaving, many of the nobles are too afraid to not be in London for a night, so the festivities are becoming more informal

Seward is fast asleep in a side room as a result of too much alcohol to steady his nerves and too many nerves, to begin with, prompting Lord Arthur to be the very image of innocence while dancing one dance after the other with Tracy

Arthur and Dr. Strange went right back to their mage talk and Darcy is enjoying a short moment of respite as she notices that Colonel Burnside is holding a box and engaging in a seemingly heated debate with Michael

Tony has also noticed and moves in, one hand on Michael’s shoulder to calm him when the box is opened and with a loud bang both Michael and Tony vanish

The Colonel is utterly confused, Darcy is running over while screaming for Arthur, Troy and John are rushing in for safety, and everybody is closing in on the situation

Troy rushes from candle to candle to see if he can locate the two but suddenly gets stopped in a candle next to a mirror when the entity greets him and informs him that the house would like to let them know that Tony and Michael are no longer on the premises but somehow none of the wards got tripped

Slightly perplexed he pulls Arthur to the side to report and when Arthur just nods he goes “Of course this is normal in this household…”

Knowing that this isn’t her strength Darcy is holding back while Arthur and Dr. Strange investigate both the box and interrogate Burnside

It turns out that the box seems to have a similar spell as the book and the Colonel was under both a compulsion and memory altering spell because he is convinced he received the box months ago from the Queen personally to present to Darcy at the wedding. Given that the wedding was not even planned months ago it is clear that something is off. The harsh debate with Michael was about him insisting that no gifts are presented to his wife without a mage checking them over, which the Colonel of course saw as preposterous and near treasonous given that the box was from the queen

Darcy is surrounded by the other ladies, all of which are trying to console her given that only Artie knows her well enough to realize that she is not trembling in shock but anger, which only flares up higher when he tells her that he noticed that the box is adorned with a lion pride

Deciding that they will need to conduct more tests Dr. Strange and Arthur head to the laboratory and Troy sees to the others having rooms since now everybody wants to stay overnight



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