The Pride

The Pride is one of the most successful criminal organisation in the Empire, despite the arrest of most of its members five years ago. Recently, the entire inner circle managed the unique feat of escaping from Newgate, Her Majesty’s most secure prison.

Areas of interest
Other than many criminal organisations, the Pride almost exclusively targets the rich and powerful, making it somewhat popular with the lower classes. Some even see them as a modern version of Robin and his Merry Men.
Charges levied against them included multiple counts of conspiracy, blackmail, murder, gambling, drug trafficing, extortion and treason.

(Note: I will avoid fixed dates at all times, so the reference below is B.N. => Before Newgate)

Black Tuesday (16 years B.N.)
“Black Tom” Cassidy, Cain Marko and Donald von Gill form The Gauntlet under Cassidy’s leadership. Their first public appearance, a brute-force attack on the Tower of London, left 265 people dead and any more injured.
An improvised alliance of heroes, led by Captain Britain, could only limit the damage and prevent further bloodhsed. The Gauntlet escaped with the crown jewels and some other trinkets, including the Gem of Cyttorak, which turned Marko into the unstoppable Juggernaut.

The next year sees a number of equally brutal attacks, albeit on less prominent targets.
Captain Britain is tasked to assemble Excalibur, a team of heroes with wide-ranging enforcement powers and the aim to bring enhanced villains within her Majesty’s territory to justice.

The Raid (15 years B.N.)
Almost a year after The Gauntlet fist appeared, Captain Britain led Excalibur against its secret lair deep in the Scottish highlands and manages to retrieve most of Her Majesty’s treasures. Two of Excalibur’s members, The Black Knight (Dane Whitman) and Moondragon (Heather Douglas) perish in the assault. Cassidy and Marko are arrested and interned on Spike Island in Ireland. von Gill escapes.

Revolt (13 years B.N.)
Marko and Cassidy lead a revolt of prisoners on Spike Island, leaving 57 guards and 22 prisoners dead before both (apparently) perish in a mysterious explosion close to the docks.

The Pride (10 years B.N.)
von Gill re-emerges under the monicker “Snowstorm” with Mr. Jeeves at his side and proceeds to methodically hunt down and arrest or kill enhanced criminals as well as other supernatural threats in the Highlands. The locals, feeling forgotten by far-away London, embrace The Pride as their protectors and heroes.

Calm before the Storm (8 years B.N.)
A number of enhanced of dubious character join The Pride in their stronghold of Dunscaith Castle, one of them is the French refugee Etienne LeBeau. The Queen sees this with great concern but cannot act due to the Pride’s popularity in the region, she monitors the situation carefully though.

Revelations (6 years B.N.)
Etienne LeBeau reveals to the world that many of the crimes The Pride arrested others for, were indeed commited by von Gill’s organsiation. Solid evidence is provided linking them to hundreds of counts of murder, extortion, blackmail and abduction leading to the Pride having effectively taken over the underworld in the entire North of the UK. Public opinion turns against the Pride and the Queen in a surprise strike sends Excalibur to arrest von Gill and his compatriots. With exception of Jeeves, all known members are arrested and interned in Newgate.

Prison Break … or not (3 years B.N.)
Jeeves leads a group of enhanced against Newgate in a failed attempt to free The Pride. Thanks to timely intervention by Duke Stark, the plan fails and Rosamund Goodfellow and Jonathan Lancester are arrested while Jeeves manages to flee once more.
All this time, Pride tactics is and has always been to remain in the shadows as much as possible and strike fast and hard if needed. They have many informers, collaboraters and conspiritors working for them – some even unawares. Some of the Pride’s organsiation goes back to the Gauntlet, which von Gill has taken over after the demise of its original leaders.

Current members of the Inner Circle:

The Pride

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